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Firecracker definition Woman who has ability to get loud when angered
Our tagline We get people talking about you with low cost high impact marketing strategies

20+ Yrs experience Marketing Research and customer service. 10 Yrs experience in Referral marketing strategies

Our Benefits

   I will help you  Gain more Business Visibilty using Low Cost High Impact marketing strategies

  • Individuality
  • Effective Strategies
  • Online Training
  • Superior Customer Service Consulting

Selection of some of our Testimonials from those we've assisted

There are 2 important qualities that everyone looks for in a service provider: hard work and strong ethics. In the 2 years.


Has worked with our team at various events we have held over the past 12 months. She is always on time, hard.


Willingness to share practical steps of her experience is wonderful. I have definitely benefited from our interactions & my application of her wisdom.

Stefanie Rashford

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